There is special significance around Earth Day this year.

There is special intention behind Earth Day and the pinnacle of the intention occurs on THIS Earth Day, 2022. If you are called to join today's "Daily Tune-In," then you have been prepared, purged, and trained to gather with our commUNITY to ASSEMBLE IN PEACE on this Earth Day.

Join us as we receive a special message about Earth Day, what it means for YOU, and why our commUNITY is BE-ing called to assemble in PEACE today...

Here's a HINT: WE are BE-ing missioned to BE the Earthly "ground crew" that consciously activates the special "coding" for PEACE that was originally "programmed" into the HIGHER intelligence of Earth Day over 50 years ago.

It is quite an HONOR to BE OF SERVICE as Vessels of PEACE to our planet, humanity, and all of its BE-ings on a day like today, EARTH DAY ~ 4.22.2022

✨ The “Daily Tune-In” LIVE - Special Edition - is a 90 Day Experience in consciousness to deliberately orchestrate the greatest plot twist of your life into the reality your soul actually had written for YOU.