As we make our way into 2022, there is an ominous feeling of eruption, and rightly so. 2021 was the year of the silent, inner-world changes of consciousness that sped up the preparations required for 2022.

2022 is when all the UNseen changes that have occurred will become seen. Even the deepest "sleepers" will not be able to unsee what they will finally see. This year will be the year that catapults the OLD paradigms into the light where their deceptive foundations will be revealed.

This will be the year that the deepest "sleepers" will require support simultaneously while the establishment and foundations of the NEW paradigms are built. The "changing of the guard" is about to begin. Those who operate in greed, manipulation, deception, and suppression will come into the light and those who have been silently prepared for this time will step forward.

Those stepping in are the SPIRITUAL PIONEERS...the ones who walked forward in the darkness towards a better world with no "vision" of what it looked like illuminating each step with nothing but the light within. They felt their way to an existence that could only be viewed in consciousness alone while others judged, diminished, and gaslighted their vision.

Sweet Souls, NOW is the time your vision becomes seen in the physical world. Rather than mock those who couldn't see, SUPPORT them. Your journey has taken you to perspectives that reveal a MUCH bigger picture and petty reprimands for those who persecuted you are no longer a concern. Our "mission" now is to BE the pioneers that build the foundations of life that will change & improve the world for ALL.

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