Today's DTI is a "talk-show" style discussion around today's DTI message. Rather than delivering the message and me offering my own perspective, I have been called to open up a couple of spots to the Ascension Bank commUNITY members to come on LIVE with me and discuss THEIR perspectives, too.

The messages delivered on these "DAILY TUNE-INS" are co-created by those who resonate. That means, if YOU resonate, your consciousness helped create the message and knows a slightly different perspective of the same message. That perspective matters in ALL of us connecting the dots to best navigate this ascension process. With many perspectives comes a LARGER VIEWSCAPE.

We'll see what that looks like on a PRACTICAL LEVEL on today's DTI by experimenting with having an open chat about the message and ALL the ways it gets received in a collective consciousness!


✨ The “Daily Tune-In” LIVE - Special Edition - is a 90 Day Experience in consciousness to deliberately orchestrate the greatest plot twist of your life into the reality your soul actually had written for YOU.