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Jan 20, 2022

Have you found yourself completely exhausted lately? Maybe needing to take naps or sleep more than usual?

Have you felt more disoriented or like you are floating between two worlds?

If so, you are most likely feeling the effects of the evolution of light that has been flooding into our planet. The light frequencies have recently changed and there is a different "kind" of light that is emanating through YOU. As this NEW quality of light permeates all parts of YOU and the collective, it changes consciousness faster than before and those changes are happening at such a speed now that your entire multi-dimensional body, (spiritual, emotional, & physical) are having to "work overtime" to calibrate to it.

This evolution of light is MUCH more powerful than what we have been experiencing in the last year, which is why the Schuman Resonance appears to be quiet when we are receiving MASSIVE amounts of light. The "new" light is relatively undetectable by technology that was created to measure the "old" light.

Join me on Thursday for the "DAILY TUNE-IN" LIVE on Youtube at 6a PST | 8a CST | 9a EST | 2p GMT | 4p EET as we break down the evolutionary changes in light that we are now experiencing and what changes this is having on YOU and all of humanity.

We're going to go into the qualitative aspects of this light change and why YOU are also taking an evolutionary jump in your frequency as a result of this change.

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