With the Aquarian Gateway opening yesterday on 02.02.2022, we are now riding a 3-week tsunami of energy that is accelerating an INTENSIVE expansion of growth for YOU.

If you don't understand this intensity, the growth can feel overwhelming and painful causing anxiety and fear. February is going to be one of the most intense months of growth in 2022 for the global collective and because the masses do not know about this expansive time, many will regress to the life-constricting levels of consciousness of fear and anxiety.

When you KNOW HOW TO SURF THIS ENERGETIC TSUNAMI WAVE, you will ride it like the "Kelly Slater" of energy surfers into a "championship celebration" like no other. YOU will co-create this energy into a MASSIVE accelerant to your intentions for 2022 and also gain an understanding of how ALL parts of YOU are receiving an evolutionary expansion in consciousness.

This EXPANSIVE growth is occurring in your intuition, your intentions, & the consciousness in which you operate in life.

Join me today on the "DAILY TUNE-IN" LIVE on Youtube at 7 PST | 9a CST | 10a EST | 3p GMT | 4p CET as we take an evolutionary journey into the changes YOU will experience as your intuition and intentions expand, and what that will mean for the intensity of change YOU navigate.

I promise you this: today's "Daily Tune-In" will have massive effects on the influence YOU will have on the mental & emotional health of YOU, your family, and the global collective at large.

If you desire more PEACE in all of those areas, please join me on this "Daily Tune-In."

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