We have charged the tsunami wave of energy and have now entered the fast DEscension down the face of the wave. The drop feels like it is faster and/or scarier than we would like, but we can't help but shout a big, "WAAAA-HOOOOO" from our "surfboard."

As we surf this energetic tsunami through 2.22.2022, we will be experiencing a WARP SPEED of changes from here on out.

We have entered the second phase of the Ascension process ~ the migration from the obsolete patterns and the world of duality in the 3rd-dimensional reality into the elevated patterns and unified world of the 5th-dimensional, heart-based patterns.

This can be a confusing stage as your SOUL-self, (5D Self), resonates so highly with the reality shifts happening at WARP SPEED in your life, yet your ego struggles to hold on to the fading 3D constructs that have been your "normal" for lifetimes.

Join me today on the "DAILY TUNE-IN" LIVE on Youtube at 7 PST | 9a CST | 10a EST | 3p GMT | 4p CET as we head into the WARP SPEED of change that is unfolding in YOUR reality and the global reality, as well.

We're going to talk about how to stay grounded and committedly diligent in ALLOWING the changes to unfold without fear or judgment.

THIS is the warp speed of change we have been waiting for. This is the time when we will SEE what we have waited to see, however, there is also a natural discomfort that can show up when our realities shift so fast in front of our eyes that we feel as though we've lost control.

Control is NOT a construct of the 5th-Dimensional, Soul reality, Sweet Soul. We MUST learn, in warp-speed, how to LET GO of control and ALLOW your "surf movie" to unfold fully scripted by your Soul, but completely NEW to your ego.

We're going to straddle two worlds today on the DTI, so please join me with an open mind, a warrior readiness, and AS the director of YOUR Soul movie...we need YOU to show up fully for this energetic "intel" gathering!

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