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Mar 14, 2022

As old timelines are shut down, that process reverts that flow of energy back to the present moment, which SHIFTS you dimensionally in reality. As we spoke about on last week's "Daily. Tune-In," we are BE-ing given a quickening of cosmic rays to quicken the timeline purge. The faster you close previous timelines that are still siphoning energy from you, the faster your reality shifts, which creates an ascension "elevator" that catapults you up in reality.

Your soul has submitted a "change request" designed to get you on your 5D, SOUL-aligned path and now, it's time to ASCEND into it. You'll be taking the "express elevator" of consciousness, so hold on to your bootstraps, things are about to get trippy (if they aren't already).

You are FLYING PAST doorways of timelines that would have been a dream to live TOWARDS the ultimate dream-life for YOU. You are ascending upwards directly to your SOUL life, however, you may want to make a couple "detours" to calibrate to the energies of your ascension.

In today's Daily Tune-In, we'll take this sci-fy movie-esque scenario into a more practical understanding of why so many are feeling disassociated and in a state of confusion on what is occurring within them. We are currently navigating some REALLY. BIG. GEO-MAGNETIC STORMS, designed to CATAPULT our planet into a higher reality of consciousness.

Today on Youtube, we're discussing what that means for YOU!

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