Hey, I'm Vi, a 22 y/o amateur artist who loves drawing portraits, photographing nature and learning languages. I hope to be able to work professionally with design some day, so I'm saving money to go to college and this is what brings me to BMC. Any coffee I might get will help me pursue this dream without giving up on the other things I love in life. Thank you very much in advance!
Pauli bought 5 coffees.

I‘ll buy you a real one at the next Imagine Dragons concert. I promise

Someone bought a coffee.

Thank you :D

Pauli bought a coffee.

I wish I could „buy you some more coffees“ but I don’t have that much money myself. I hope this helps you at least a little bit. You’re amazing and deserve nothing but the best. Don‘t forget that. 

Thank you so much, sweetheart, it does help! It means a lot to me ♥