Ah, fall. It is officially here (in the Northern Hemisphere), and already it is tempting me with promises of soup, scarves, Halloween candy, and crunchy leaves. But right now, it still feels like summer here in Philadelphia.

So much societal stuff pressures us to LOVE summer.

Free time! (really, though?)

Good weather! (uhhh not when it is 95+ degrees Fahrenheit...)

The virus has subsided! (right, NOPE)

Me? Rarely has summer been a time of abundant free time (pre-Covid I taught a LOT of summer camp). Philly summers only have good weather if you are somehow impervious to rainforest level humidity and desert level heat. And there's that little bug wandering around wreaking havoc still, you know, a little thing called the Delta variant.

Not to mention the existential climate change anxiety this all induces.

So I say, farewell summer. Maybe by the next one we humans will have our shit together a little bit more. Meanwhile, I'll be here, making some art that's a little wild and a lot cozy.

Can we make #FallOfStayHomeMakeArt a thing? (yes I know I am horrendous at creating catchy hashtags, please feel free to suggest a cuter one).

Stay safe, and let me know what colors this change in season brings to mind for you!



Mishka has feelings about the hot weather, too.