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I'm a music composer, performer and educator.

During the lockdown, I started creating a weekly Live Video concerts on Facebook called 'Streams of Songs & Stories'.


The videos can also be seen on Youtube:

Each Stream has a different theme.

The themes, songs and stories are drawn from my background as half Greek/half Macedonian living in London, UK.

So far, we had:

  • Greek Zeimpekiko
  • Ginka's Favourite Viktor's Songs
  • (ex)-Yu Rock/Pop Ballads
  • The Blues
  • Macedonian Folk Ballads
  • Greek Hasaposerviko
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Lovely music again Victor!

Catherine and Drew
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The highlight of our lockdown 

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Thank you for the live music and a very nice concert!

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Happy Birthday!!!😊 

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Thank you for the nice evenings!