This title absolutely does not coincide to the feelings of Ukrainians towards our friends from the United States. We view the government and the people of the USA as one of our greatest allies, knowing well the colossal majority of the Americans, like people from the democratic and the free world, are deeply outraged with this war.

Nevertheless, it comes with some impact when we get to know, by media, that there are some voices across the Atlantic spreading ingenious stories about Ukraine, our military capacity, dismissing our field gains, disrespecting our leaders and even advocating Russia has a level of reasonability by invading us.

As a convict democrat, as someone once said, I will always defend the right of my opponent to oppose me. But this doesn't take away my right to be completely enraged and disgusted when I had my first contacts with the ideas of Scott Ritter and Douglas MacGregor. The limits of free speech, if any, is a subject for specialists. My focus here is to demonstrate my anger to these two citizens I'm sure don't represent even one percent of the population they are part.

In Ukraine, we have to be informed and search for a variety of sources, after all, every Ukrainian is right now, or will be in the near future, on some battle field.

Ritter claims to have an extense background as intelligence officer and member of the Marine Corps, but in my opinion he looks like an anxious boy with bad language and bad manners. He doesn't hide his admiration for Russia in this moment of history we are facing the disruption of civilization caused exclusively by them.

He insists all the time that Ukraine is on a lost war since the beginning because the Russian military power is no match to the Ukrainian one or to anyone in the world. According to him, Russia is capable to crush the United States and NATO together. He argues that any financial and military help to Ukraine is a lost money because this is a lost war to us.

This is the same guy which is said to had predicted the Russian Invasion would only take three days to conquer the whole Ukrainian territory.

MacGregor is a retired colonel well known by his performances on Russian State-controlled media. Back in 2014 he was already asserting the annexation of Crimea was something legal based on the size of the Russian community in the peninsula. He also made a statement claiming the residents of Donbas are not Ukrainians, but Russians.

This year, the colonel was constantly interviewed by Fox News and other YouTube channels, always following the same script of accusing president Zelensky of being a puppet, insisting on the fake affirmation Ukraine is a basketcase of neonazis and "understanding" the right of Russians to take the Ukrainian territories that appear right for them.

He goes to the limit by saying Vladimir Putin was demonized by the USA and by NATO. As if the demon needed to be demonized by someone to be characterized as one.

What mostly annoyed me was something that both seem to like to repeat: that the United States and NATO are committed to fight against Russia until the last Ukrainian life.

I may lack their military expertise, but based on what I saw, on what i hear, on what I fear and on what I suffer from being far away from my refugee family, I'm sure Russia is ready to fight until the last human life, not only Ukrainian.

But anyway, it hurts to hear that as someone who carry a Ukrainian life inside the heart.