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Jul 29, 2022

Sometimes I get myself thinking if I'm being boring or selfish by only talking about Ukraine on Twitter. Ukraine, Ukraine, all the time. As if other countries didn't matter to me or if people just don't have this domestic and so more immediate issues to handle.

I'm at Twitter because I have a clear view that this fight is not only about Ukraine, it's about civilization. I've already wrote about it, but let's take it once more: Russia is denying the sovereignty to more than 40 million people who have their own territory, own language and own heritage of more than 1,000 years.

When a so-called modern State denies those basic principles of peaceful respect between humans, it leaves an open door to unimaginable circumstances. Being in Ukraine as a Ukrainian in 2022, I can tell you my friends, with all the coherence I can achieve in my mind and in my heart, that the gates of hell are open to the whole humanity.

There's no single Thursday that pass without remembering myself of that Thursday the February 24th, day that changed my life forever. Every Thursday for me is a time in the week to intimately be thoughtful about how could be my life, my family and my nation if nothing would happened.

February 24th, 2022: Peremohy Avenue in Kyiv gridlocked as residents try to desperately flee to West

What is currently happening to Ukraine and to me can happen anywhere and to anyone in this planet. No one is safe from this sheer disintegration of values which at first attempts to damage our delicate social fabrics and now presents a challenge to the international order. Ukraine, just as it is now, is a prototype of a new international order commanded by evil and greed.

My country is being tested in large scale and my people is paying the price for being unfortunate enough to develop itself at the wrong place on what comes to Geography. Every Ukrainian alive now is a survivor. If not from direct military combats, from the sadness or from the anxiety. Or from these three factors combined as the case of most Ukrainian men.

And it's precisely the condition of survivor that offers me the motivation to keep writing without worrying too much. This situation I'm in, followed by the clarity of mind to understand everything I live regarding the war is of international concern, brings me a feeling of responsibility on staying active and repeating Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine all the time.

But everytime I write Ukraine, be sure, I could be writing whatever country the reader would like. Ukraine now is a representation of any other country in the world as every country could potentially go though the suffering we have been into these months.

And I'll put all my efforts to avoid it happens to any other country(1).

Nevertheless, I will always appreciate feedback if I exceed myself or seem to be repetitive.

Thank you.

Note (1): I don't personally consider Russia and Belarus "countries", so...

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