This was the first time in my life I hear the sound of a killing machine crossing my head and in the direction of innocent lives in the very city I am. I need to share some lines on that because this war is turning the point of unacceptable each day and on.

Since the beginning of the war, the beautiful city of Lviv is standing firmly as a stronghold of Ukrainian pride and strength against the foreign invasion. This thriving metropolis of around one million souls was known even before the conflict to their passion by the Ukrainian culture, history and language, and it has a very unique heritage linked to Central European nations.

The attitude of its people, besides the fact that it's located less than 50 miles from the border with Poland, a full member of NATO, European Union and one of our most solid supporters on the fight against Russia, made Ukrainians believe that here we would be a little safer here than in the rest of the country.

Nevertheless, at 8 in the morning, these scenes could be seen from several parts of the town:

The target was said to be military and transport facilities near the railway station, located approximately in the southwest part of the town. As can be entirely seen in the picture, the rockets fell in the middle of an inhabited metropolitan area, contrary to the first reports that the areas affected were less dense districts in the outskirts. There were at least four missile strikes and it followed the pattern of terror employed by Russians by injuring and killing dozens of innocent people including children.

For me, it was something I initially did not take for granted. Apart some 8 km and in the other extreme of the city, I only heard the sirens. The blows were large enough to make the sound reach the Poland border, but it could not be felt by the ones across the urban area and under intense wailing noise.

They were so constant and so loud that citizens got strangely accustomed to them. It takes to the point that we even don't lose the sleep or just turn up the TV volume, it has gotten part of life and not much else. I am absolutely no exception and thought it was only a general warning.

Except for this sound.

I heard well this sound and found it immediately strange, but just taken for an ordinary airplane, probably on negation.

And it was a real punch on my stomach to know this sound was produced by the purest evil from the foreign aggressor, leaded by the probably the most evil being in the entire planet, with the objective of causing horror on the local population and persuading them to give up.

It could be hard to define sounds to abstract elements such as evil, terror and panic, but for me this rocket is the true messenger of it.

And it only enforces our commitment on defending our nation whatever it takes.