We cannot afford to lose a single life๐Ÿ‡บ ...

We cannot afford to lose a single life๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

Oct 28, 2022

It's been a while, friends. Lots happened in these days and I'm sure you understand my absence considering the current events in Ukraine. Happy to be back though! Sharing my thoughts and interacting with people from all over the world who are offering their time and their emotions in support for this distant Ukraine is an exercise of humanity like few others.

Nothing like a war, my dear friends, to learn us that our human nature is composed by the extremes. The idea that life is everything and nothing at the same time is not easy to deal with. It only takes a shrapnel on the wrong place of the body and everything goes away, all our projects, our history of life, our dreams, our meaning to other people. All our reflections about what is life, what means a life.

Escaping from this same killing shrapnel raises, by this way, a sense of ressurection in every possible matter. Nothing more complex and more beautiful than a life of a person. Despite not being too religious, now I can understand much better why most creeds relate their believers as brothers. That must be because we are precisely the same on our extreme fragility and our extreme strength, the most basic attributes we carry as humans.

This strength is someting that only a living human being can express. It is declared, of course, on our intelligence, science, and curiosity, but I believe it belongs specially to the fact we are extremely adaptable to the worst of circumstances, survive, and acquire knowlege that will help us to be better persons.

The most important of all, however, is that our strength, if individually taken, has a clear limit, so it's mandatory to see ourselves always as a part of a society and never detached from that. In our current times, it's so easy to think on our community and our nation as something secoundary if compared to ourselves and even our family alone, but that's wrong because it's simply unnatural.

In a front of battle, one is nothing without the mates. A wounded soldier is nothing without the medical teams that many times risk their own lives to rescue those unfortunate volunteers. A team must work together all the times. Every life depends of each other's life. It seems so trivial, but a life at stake is obliged to take that for granted without further ellaborations.

If we examine better, what would be of our civilization without organizing ourselves in communities? The theory that the human being is nothing without the peers also applies to peacetime.

At same time the war made me somewhat more crude, more practical, and less of a "dreamer," I think it's also turning me into a better person by understanding that every single human is a component of a broader body of life, a collective body, which every one of these components are entitled by means of nature to their own share of respect.

And of course, it's a crucial to fight to ensure, from the others, the respect for ourselves. This is not an option, but a duty. I think this is what we are doing in Ukraine now by defending our nation, and that's what brings us close to so many other movements around the world like the LGBTQ+ and the Black Lives Matter for example.

Every life matters. We cannot afford to lose a single life.

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