Out There

Oct 06, 2023

Out Here

All the humans standing in line outside.
You know those people with a suit and tie.
All waiting for some big reward.
They’ll stay on hold till they grow old and die.
Until they find out it was all a lie.
Just never dream and fade away.
Head for the gutter; it’s a lovely day.

In my whole life, I’ve never saved a dime.
Killing the clock. It was the perfect crime.
Heaven is earth, planned from the start.
The smell of alcohol and nicotine.
The love for stuff that will just kill a dream.
Is to hate now really an art?
I want to be let loose inside your heart.

A boy’s a girl. A woman is a man.
What we create will be torn down again.
Prince of Dire is behind the wheel.
Cats that can bark, and thieves no longer steal.

Never held back; I crawled below the crowd.
Still have no clue what this life’s all about.
I hurt the ones who love to hurt themselves.
Thought for myself, and it was heaven-sent.
Don’t need permission from the government.
End of illusion of a happy end.
Don’t need permission from the government.

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