Personal Healing

May 24, 2021

🌸 Focus your thoughts & energy
🌸 limit your TV time
🌸 stop watching Mainstream Media
🌸 Go out in nature
🌸 Take off your shoes and ground yourself 
🌸 Count all the things you’re grateful for

🌸 Let go of the things that distract you

Healing ourselves naturally is much easier than many think. We just have been bombarded our whole lives with indoctrination and misinformation which leads to fear and removes us from our own divine power of intuition. As little children we quickly learn the things, activities, foods, toys etc. that resonate with us and make us happy.... and we often ask for them. As we get older though most of us tend to lose that simple ability of intuition because of the programming through school, parenting, religion, work or societal standards. We then go through this stage of “finding ourselves” which is truly a reconnection with our spiritual side and a process to heal and grow. Usually travel is the popular way to find oneself, others take a break from traditional schooling or corporate jobs, still others embrace art or other cultures, many (like myself) connect with nature. Gardening is a form of therapy but also helps to increase your intuition. The more you connect with nature the more you understand the healing process, you become one with soil and seeds, flowers and animals.... you become more compassionate and start gaining an inner wisdom no amount of secular education can give you. Even if you don’t have a green thumb just a walk in nature or a trip to a garden is extremely beneficial and healing. I will touch more on this in my members section. Enjoy nature, listen to the birds and find the time to heal yourself.


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