Shopping for a Thermometer

Sep 03, 2021

If you have had an opportunity to check out my “All About Dabbing'' post then, you are familiar with the use of thermometers in dabbing and their rising prevalence. The devices are essential for safe and efficient use of a system and they close the gap that some once perceived between torch set ups and E-nails. 

Precision heating is well known to impact the quality of a dab. 

I mentioned that there were many types of these thermometers and even some for other purposes which could be utilized for dabbing. This post is to outline some options out there for people and the way they compare to each other.

This is an extremely emergent technology with the earliest versions only being 4-ish years old. 

I personally believe everyone needs and deserves access to one of these devices. If you want to stop wasting money on  unvaporized oil, broken bangers, and inconsistent dabs then this is what you need.

If nothing else you can use it to determine whether or not the quality or properties of your  other tools are having an impact on function by studying temperature with reliable numbers. 

I am not here to endorse any particular company or device just to share options I have seen and the features and drawbacks I have seen or heard of in regards to each. 

I will likely purchase one of each of the various tempers when I am able but the prices are a barrier for me. I still would like first hand experience to offer finer advice at a later time.

The different types of tempers sometimes have similarities but they don’t all rely on the same principle. Some are inserted in the banger, some are stationary, some are adjustable, etc.

There are also differences in the aesthetic value of each and the companies all likely have different social standings and methods of interacting with community, all of which are personal consumer variable to interpret for.

  1. The Terpometer- This brand claims to be first of their kind (est 2017) temperature device and dab tool combo made specifically for 710 purposes. One side of the device is a temperature gauge you stick in the base of your banger. The other is a dab tool which can be changed (some creators even make custom ends for it). The limitations of this one are apparent but it can also be quite reliable in its unique direct contact. There is a color alarm/indicator to let you know when the ideal range is reached.  This device is approximately 130-150  on average.

  2. Rufld Fthrs- This brand is a stationary model with a 3-d printed body which comes in a variety of colors. The device sits flat under the banger and gauges the temperature with a laser. Sometimes devices like this need to be put on something to reach your banger depending on its height, angle, and your rigs height. This device generally costs between 109 and 120. You can change between fahrenheit and celsius and it uses a micro usb to charge. Its not as feature heavy as their competition.

  3. Pocket Temper (by Official Dab Tray/ODT)- I actually own this device now and of the devices on the list it is the only one marketed as a pocket device. It will indeed fit in a pocket or very small purse with ease and is ideal for a temperature gauge when on the move, in the car, or what have you.  It is quite small so if your banger is high it will need something under it to be within the 1-1.5 inch range of the device. There is also an accompanying arm being sold now which is adjustable and provides the necessary edge to make this device usable all the time. These are available in V1 and V2. The difference is V1 doesn’t save your temperature preference alarm when you turn it off and also has a smaller battery. V2’s seemingly small upgrades offer it a serious edge over the original. They both use USB-C. This device is also 3-D printed. The alarm on this one makes a sound. If using a V1 you must heat a banger without concentrates then set it without turning it off and then heat the desired banger and dab, very tedious. I don’t use my alarm. If you have the original you can $65 to have it upgraded and sent back. The V2 runs $135-150.

  4. Dabrite- This company has been a real source of hype in the industry. Their device is another IR thermometer but with an adjustable arm, marble stand, visual guidance system, and an alarm. The adjustable arm is helpful when using different nails which will have different dimensions and functions and therefore require readings from different spots. This thermometer is one of the more expensive devices on the list at approximately $240. This brand markets themselves as connoisseur focused.

  5. Temp Tech- These folks claim to be the original hands free temperature device. This is another 3-d printed device with a variety of colors and a laser. The original is similar to the Rufld Fthrs device but their displays and buttons look very different. They have also just released a new design more similar to the dabrite. This one has an adjustable arm, a vivid display, a saved alarm with 8 changeable tones, temperature range from lowest to highest and an alarm temperature. The battery takes 1-2 hours to charge. I would definitely keep an eye out for this device as it shows great potential and the display was beautiful. Changing from Fairenheit to Celcius is also possible. The price is 130 for the original and 240 for the flex model. You can find both on sale at various points so be on the lookout. The same could be said for all of these devices.

  6. Terp Timer (by Octave)- This another stationary device but this one has a visible laser and can be turned on its side to offer different height and angle configurations. This device is taller than the other stationaries as well. It was designed with a magnetic base to favor use with products from its family of brands. There is an alarm, a color changing screen, and the usual F or C changing capabilities. The battery life is 2 - 3 months as well a huge plus for those turned off by the idea of charging a thermometer to dab.(which is well worth it by the way)

  7. Thermometer Gun- If none of these interest you many people have success using standard thermometer guns for dabbing. These devices are usually orange or yellow but come in a range of colors and are handheld laser thermometers used for a variety of household and industrial needs. The drawbacks are that you must hold them and they are not purpose specific so they lack some of the intuitive upgrades which are included in those devices tailored for dabbing. These are the cheapest option available though, costing between 25 and 50 dollars usually. They can also be found at a hardware store or anywhere tools may be sold. 

Regardless of what thermometer you choose I hope you feel empowered and informed about your decision and you make the choice that best meets the needs of your lifestyle and your dab style.

You can find all of these on their respective websites. If you aren't sure where that is you can look the parent company up on instagram. You can also search the device name online and usually find a reliable reseller or the official website in the first few results.

In separate posts I’d like to discuss the relationship temperature keeping has to other types of dabbing like E-nail and E-rig setups. I know I have not yet gotten into discussion about these despite their popularity but I wanted to explore the set-ups I am most familiar with first.

I hope you enjoy my continued series of posts about temperature, dab technology, and shopping for various essentials.

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