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I'm @visakanv on Twitter! I like having coffees with friends. I like writing prompts. Drop me a prompt, a question, a suggestion and I'll write something!

Hi, @visakanv here! I'm currently taking some time off to explore my options as a writer, so it's very helpful to me when people who are interested in my work vote with their dollars! Let me know what you found interesting, useful, etc. Love ya!
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For the random music idea!

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thanks for some fire advice 😘 

Happy to help! Best wishes!

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So grateful you exist in the world and share your gifts so freely. Thank you 🙏🏼

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The end of The Courage To Be Disliked was big for me - combining 'contribute to others' with 'contribute by being'. These coffees are to finish the thread review of the book :)

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Your feral agency is inspiring! Prompt idea -- explore the similarities/differences between tulpas and roles (in the Finite and Infinite Games sense of the term)

Thanks Aaron! That's an interesting thought, I'll add it to my notes and see if anything comes out of it. :-)

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That thread gave me a lot of joy! Have some coffee on me, & hopefully one day IRL!

Thanks! And yes, looking forward to it! :-)