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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!

As you all know, I am Dutch and I have a travel blog (written in English) about The Netherlands. There I am showing you The Netherlands beyond the crowds.

I'm giving all of that information for nothing, because I care. I care about my country and about the people that visit it.

I want you to experience The Netherlands in a way that you've otherwise would never had if it wasn't for my travel blog.

If you are feeling grateful for all of the information that I'm sharing, and happen to have some coins for a coffee left in this month, now you can support me in my journey of helping people to discover The Netherlands and show your gratitude.

Thank you so much!

Pinky Samantaray
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Hi Manon, so nice to meet you through your youtube channel. I was looking for some infos on offbeat places and countrysides of Netherlands, didn't know I would come across a gem. Your youtube channel and website are very helpful. Keep it up. Thank you.

Heyy, that's so good to hear, thank you so much!! I'm so glad to hear that you're thinking of exploring some beautiful offbeat places in my beautiful country (those are the best parts of the country!) 😄  

Angel Castello
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This website is so awesome, and contains so good and complete information that I guess I don't need to look elsewhere for more! You've done an awesome job Manon, congratulations, and thank you, I'm planing on visiting The Netherlands in 2022 and this website is like my bible ! 

Ahh, that's so nice! Thank you so much for the kind works, it's more than appreciated 😃 You truly won't regret visiting this beautiful country, I'm sure of it!

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Fr33 botox

My future self already thanks you😂 😂  

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