Dear people!


Buy a jingle on our Europe dress! Donate a jingle, signed with your initials- and be part of a once in a lifetime experience!

One jingle= 10 Euros.

Coffee = 2 Euros; 3 coffees=6 Euros. 5 Coffees=1 Jingle=10 Euros.

If you would like to donate amounts over 10 Euros, please use:


We are organising a chain of (virtual and live) costume/singing flashmobs through Europe- triggered by people voting "on" the flags on my wearable (a.k.a. electronic) Europe dress.

Everyone can take part in the Flashmobs, and we encourage people to wear their own, most colourful and expressive costumes- drag, cosplay, ethnic, goth- whatever rocks your boat.

After each Flashmob, we invite 2 local bands, dance groups or solo musicians to entertain us, while people can mingle and exchange "costume best practise" strategies, or simply just hang out together.

After planning and organising this big project for over a year for free- and having seen all staff-, material-, and other issues on the planet (plus Covid!), we ran out of money.

Now WE NEED YOUR HELP to help us fund the event production.

The overall cost for all 28 Events (material costs, food for 3, rent of an eco-caravan and e-car for travel, plane tickets for me and our photographer Lara to 5 locations, event fees, musician fees, etc.) needed are roughly 28.000 Euros- without us getting anything out of it but having our basic expenses covered.

Below is a rendering of the dress. It represents European diversity, is printed all over with the Europe Charta of Citizen Right in LGBTIQ+ colours, will sport the disability pride flags on the shoulders, as well as the trans/intersex flags on the arms and the BIPOC colours on its hem.

Who are we?

Like with all non-commercial, grassroots-type of projects, our team is made up of interns, volunteers and freelancers. We are proud to have two people with disabilities on the team, as well as different orientations, ages and cultural heritages.


Each jingle (the dress and headdress will feature 1.100 jingles) will be customised with your Initials on the back, and we will send you pictures of the costume in action, a video of us signing your jingle, and its position on the dress. So you have a lasting memory of this event. We can also make and sign a photo of you AT the event- if you can make it to any of the 28 spaces live.

(NB: Legal info- Please note that buying a jingle does NOT equal (partial) ownership of part of the dress!)

We can only order the Jingles once 550 Euros have been donated- that is the price of 550 industry-grade, solid, coloured jingles by German Carneval fitter Schellen Huck (our supplier).

NB: We are still looking for sponsors and are happy for any leads in (sustainable) travel, digital or eco-brands.