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About us

Our work is a campaign to increase visibility, voice and community with adult survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA). There’s an estimated 11 million of us in the UK (that's 1 in 6 people).

Viv Gordon Company CIC seeks to remove barriers to participation for CSA survivors and drive narrative change moving away from ideas of victimhood, guilt, shame, isolation and cultural silencing towards celebrating survival, joining together and laying claim to cultural space to make noise about our experiences, rights and concerns. We do this through creative activities: performances, installations, poetry, writing, workshops, campaigns, consultancy and more.

About Viv Gordon

I am a theatre maker, survivor activist & arts and mental health campaigner, and my work is a campaign to nurture voice, visibility and community for survivors of CSA. ​

I am incredibly proud of the bold work we do - I am not interested in pity or being worthy or earnest. As Artistic Director, I aim to make punky, kick ass work that doesn’t pull its punches, that entertains, moves, changes hearts and minds and most importantly reduces isolation and shame within our community.

I campaign for access and inclusion in the arts for artists and audiences with mental health needs - I speak at conferences and events, as well as offer training and consultancy with individuals and organisations.

Why support us?

Viv Gordon Company is a Community Interest Company, so that means every penny that you donate to us will be spent on making and sharing survivor-led creative activities.

We want to help other survivors find their voice, and we want that experience to be free. Your contribution could help us give free tickets to our shows, help cover costs for someone to take part in one of our writing workshops, and more! You could decide to give us a one-off donation or signup for a membership and make a monthly contribution. 

Every donation and support of the work we do is received with great thanks. We're very proud of the work we do and are very grateful to any and all support we receive. 

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