Happy Happy November! With two more months left till the end of 2021, a lot has been happening behind the scenes of Vivski Entertainment. However, that has not stopped the content and work taking place in Vivski Entertainment. So, without any further ado, here is the Vivski Monthly Update.

The Forest Has Secrets

You may have noticed that I have posted some sneak peeks of some of the short stories in my anthology series called "The Forest Has Secrets". Well, I am very happy to announce that the first of these stories has been published for you to read! It is called "A Dead End". You can read it on Wattpad right here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/273807557-the-forest-has-secrets.

The idea now is to release new short stories every Wednesday, starting from the 10th of November with "Fishing for an Escape". This will go on for every week (hopefully) with the end around January or February. Please do give the first short story a read as well sa a comment of whether you enjoyed it or not.

Fiasco at the Agency

After a month away from the game, I am working on making an online version of it so that I can playtest with other people around the world. I am also in the process of making a basic rulebook as well as creating more and (hopefully) better art for it. While the art might take a bit of time, I have enough material to start making the virtual game of Tabletopia, so hopefully I will be able to get it done mid November. If everything works out, expect some dates for playtesting between 22nd of November to 5th of December.


And now for the super, duper secret, secret project that I have spend a lot of time more...

I will be a part of the FRINGE Festival for 2022!!!!!!!!!

Now, remember, nothing has been 100% confirmed and set. I have been in talks with various different venue operators in organising a series of trivia shows as part of the Fringe Festival for 2022. Currently, I am making the quiz and setting out the guidelines, rounds and questions that will occur in the show. Once I finish all four and the venue operators are happy with them, then I will move to the next stage which is advertising and promoting it. So, as of now, nothing is set in stone. However, keep your eyes peeled to here and to the Vivski Entertainment Facebook page as events will be released!

God, I am tired!

As you can probably see, my hands are absolutely full! But do not fear, if other projects will be coming up, are in the works, you will be the very first people to hear about it!

So as always, have a lovely day and KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED!