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Greetings from VizeMen!

We’re a group of passion(less)ate engineers (read: unemployed) on a mission to raise public awareness about everything. We’re unlike any other blogging website or page because the majority of them are run by highly trained, skilled authors. We’re not sure about the training and proficiency aspect, but we are really high on life (we don’t endorse narcotics).

We expect you to take our writing seriously (not us). We present to you the Vizemen, the first-ever (mandatory to say) multi-niche blog, created with a mix of gravity and gin.

Vizemen is a platform that publishes blogs and articles on finance, technology and startup ecosystem in as succinct and laymen way as possible.

The creators of this platform strongly believe that everyone, irrespective of their specialisation, should be aware of the nuances of the three worlds mentioned earlier.