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If you got here, you already know I'm passionate about Evernote. But the tutorials and experiences I share on my videos and articles are just a tiny portion of what I plan for the future. Here are some of my ideas:

documentary videos telling Evernote story;a series about Evernote discontinued products like Moleskine, triangle bag, wallet, scanner, etc.visit Evernote headquarters —again— and film it properly to share with you;interview people that are building Evernote now;and much more.

If you are also passionate about Evernote, join my Patreon and help me create a space for Evernote lovers to get together, learn, share knowledge and experience and have fun.

Best, Vlad.

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"Evernote fans are a passionate bunch. But then there’s Vladimir Campos, an Evernote enthusiast who turned his affection for organizing notes into a full-time job. As an Evernote Certified Consultant, Vlad helps entrepreneurs make the leap to organizing paperless offices" —Evernote

In 2012 I became an ambassador and published a book about Evernote. A year later, I started a podcast about Evernote, and the year after that, 2014, I became an Evernote Certified Consultant. Since 2019, I'm also a community leader.