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What do political science, theatre design and photography have in common?

You might say nothing. I graduated theater high-school, studied political science in university and now I'm working as a UX Designer. I started doing volunteer work when I was 14 and this is something I'm keen on doing for the rest of my life. While volunteering for AIESEC, the world`s largest non-profit youth-run organisation, I discovered design. In time, I developed a great passion for it and made it into a career. In my spare time, I'm passionate about photography. Through my lens, I'm trying to capture the optimistic side of life

You can view or download my photos for free:

I really believe in the concept of "giving back to the community" and wherever I'm going, I'm trying to change something, to make a difference.

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Tnx for sharing some of your photos. They are great. Keep it going!

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