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Episode 2 - Coffee with Paul Strikwerda part 1

Feb 02, 2021

Hi there. My name is Andrew Morrison and welcome to the Voice Over Coffee Shop, where we start out day with some of the finest names in voice over. If you’d like to know more about me, feel free to visit my personal website at .

In today’s episode, we have my dear friend Paul Strikwerda. Paul is an audio award winning producer and Dutch-English voice over coach and artist with companies such as National Geographic and Discover Channel to Coca-Cola and Priceline, holding his client’s satisfaction as his best credential.

He is founder of and author of Building a Vocal Booth on a Budget and the phenomenal voice over and solopreneur freelance guide “Making Money in your Pjs”. Paul was kind enough to take from his busy schedule to talk about how he got started as a voice over artist, living life through the eyes of a dutch talent, and the resources that helped keep his imagination alive.

We discuss:

Finding voice over jobs.

How to help your voice over clients find you.

Professional deformation and misophonia.

I hope you enjoyed learning about how Paul made his way from the Netherlands to America and found his inspiration in the world of voice over! In our next episode, we talk to Paul about presenting the value of yourself as a voice over artist and being a magnet for your next client utilizing SEO marketing.

Thank you for listening and i’ll see you next time!


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