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Hello, everyone!

I am an actor and audio producer, with love for great comedy and spine chilling horror novels.

I just launched my "Prescription: Laughter!" YouTube channel and I am kicking it off with a 19 episodes video series called "3Men In A Boat".

I love Jerome K. Jerome's books and I decided to turn his most famous humorous novel into a videodrama. He has a warm, hysterical and kind hearted humour that makes your day, no matter how upset or stressed you are.

And, don't we all need as much laughter and joy as we can right now?

So, here is episode 4, where our 3 heroes get packed and ready for their Thames trip:

About Cheese, Marriage And World's Worst Packers

I am aiming to release 2 episodes per month. Still getting my bearings on this beautiful platform, but I will soon set up the exclusive content for supporters.

Until then...

Enjoy and share the laughter! Because life is easier when we laugh!

And if you like my work, just buy me a beer (it's the best drink after a few hours of recording in the studio!)

Thank you!