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Artist Green Card legal fees 🇺🇸

Hi y'all, in case you didn't know I have been in the United States for the last 8 years. I came as a student on the F-1 visa and later was approved for the O-1 (3 year artist visa) which I've had twice. Even though legally speaking I am allowed to work and audition with an O-1 visa, it's not accepted by most studios and networks which means at times I've lost out on opportunities because I am not a citizen or permanent resident (Green Card holder). I spend a lot of time helping and supporting actors with their big auditions when I don't have the opportunity to audition for those same projects myself. This includes the one-liner and walk-on roles as well. The reality is my manager (and film/tv agent back when I had one) encounter obstacles just to get me seen. Permanent Residency would put an end to constantly renewing (almost useless) visas every couple of years and the burn out I've felt these past years from working to stay in this country legally. This wish is to cover the legal fees and I'll cover the govt fees. 

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