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I explain difficult concepts in simple ways. For money and for free.

If you ever thought I owe this person a beer, this is your relief. The coffee here is $4 a serving. There are presets for one, three, or five coffees. You can also put in any number that suits you.

Your coffee is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Sascha Westphal bought vowe a coffee.

Dankeschön! :-)

Ingo Harpel bought vowe a coffee.

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Danke, Ingo.

Someone bought vowe 3 coffees.

einfach nur Danke

Vielen Dank auch von mir!

fischkai bought vowe 5 coffees.

Auch wenn man so aktiv ist wie Du, darf man sich bei diesen Temperaturen mal einen Eisbecher leisten! Guten Appetit!

Dankeschön. Werde was ohne Zucker finden! :-)

John bought vowe 5 coffees.

..in place of sugary jam! Great to meet you after all these years, Volker - thank you again for accommodating us

Hey John, you should not have. I am glad you came to visit.

Steve Fettig bought vowe 3 coffees.

Vielen Dank, Volker. Wie immer, Sie haben das Ganze Apple "Fluff" destilliert und meiner Gedanken über Technologie besser aufgeschrieben, als ich sie selbst hätte schreiben können. Vielen Dank für die Zusammenfassung und die tägliche Arbeit, die Sie leisten.

Thank you, Steve. Always a pleasure.

Richard Albury bought vowe 3 coffees.

You're not that much older than me (I was born in 1961) yet I aspire to be like you when I grow up. . I first came across you via the late great dangerousmeta (Garret), and I've stuck around for the great nuggets of information (I'm about to get a Yoga 930C, thanks!) and for the occasional mention of Notes and Domino (my day job involves move people off Domino). Thanks for all you do! . 

Thanks, Richard. Ah, the memories ... :-)Thanks, Richard. Ah, the memories ... :-)

Dirk Vorbau bought vowe 3 coffees.

Danke, Dirk!Danke, Dirk!

Someone bought vowe 3 coffees.

Thank you, Secret Santa.Thank you, Secret Santa.

Johannes Freund bought vowe a coffee.

Danke, Johannes. Keine Ahnung, warum hier alles doppelt erscheint.Danke, Johannes. Keine Ahnung, warum hier alles doppelt erscheint.