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I explain difficult concepts in simple ways. For money and for free.

If you ever thought I owe this person a beer, this is your relief. The coffee here is 4€ a serving. There are presets for one, three, or five coffees. You can also put in any number that suits you.

Your coffee is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Someone bought a coffee.
Sascha Westphal bought a coffee.

Dankeschön! :-)

Ingo Harpel bought a coffee.

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Danke, Ingo.

Someone bought 3 coffees.

einfach nur Danke

Vielen Dank auch von mir!

fischkai bought 5 coffees.

Auch wenn man so aktiv ist wie Du, darf man sich bei diesen Temperaturen mal einen Eisbecher leisten! Guten Appetit!

Dankeschön. Werde was ohne Zucker finden! :-)