New Sidebar Menu & Posts

New Sidebar Menu & Posts

Dec 19, 2021

Hello fans, it's been a long time. I'm terrible at keeping a blog even though I love the blog concept and writing. I have, however, been keeping up with my Voyagers Guidebook blog! If you visit the site now, you'll notice I have grouped articles into sections on the side-bar menu. I'm currently hard at work writing/editing my content for 2 different sections. "Where's My Guidebook?" and the full Episode Guide. I also added a fun feature from my original site called a "Chronological Timeline" which tracks Bogg and Jeffrey's Voyages through time from their earliest time-zone to the latest. Check it out!

There are 4 new posts on the Where's My Guidebook? section since I last posted here in September. And the episode guide now has 4 full episode posts, they include a full plot synopsis, photos, and fun facts. Please have a look, and if you enjoy it, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments and please consider a donation to support my writing!

Thank you!

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