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Hi there! My name is Mikaela and I'm the voice behind Voyageur Tripper, the outdoor adventure blog.

After spending five seasons working as a wilderness guide (canoeing, hiking and kayaking) in Canada, I understand how important it is for people to be outside in nature. But unless you grew up with an adventurous family or went to summer camp, you might not have the knowledge and skills to get outside on your own.

That's where Voyageur Tripper comes in.

I write educational resources to help everyone (especially total beginners) increase their knowledge, improve their skills and challenge themselves in the outdoors.

For the most part, I offer all of my content on my blog and social media channels for free, funding the blog through some display advertising and affiliate sales.

So if you would like to support me and Voyageur Tripper, please consider buying a coffee!

Many thanks and happy adventuring,