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Hey, I'm Niels! I like creating stuff (but I guess you knew that).

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Thank you! I appreciate your donation 😊 

Wolf Dieter Gruber
Wolf Dieter Gruber bought 3 coffees.

Thank you very much for your work. Finally a new approach on alarm system. Your scheduler cards are looking awsome

Thanks a lot for supporting me! Nice to hear that you're already enthusiastic about it 👍 It's far from finished though. Please let me know if you need additional functionality. 

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Thank you so much for the work done on this component! This is a must for HA!

Many thanks for supporting me! I finally found another GUI-Geek  😁  Keep me posted if you have some suggestions!

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<3 This HA component!

Thanks a lot for the appreciation! 😄 

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Awesome work on the scheduler component!

Thank you Andrei!! Glad you like it. Will keep making it better.