Buy VueBLR (Vue.js Bangalore) a coffee


VueBLR is the de-facto Vue.js community in Bangalore, India. We host monthly meetups covering the ecosystem of Vue.js libraries and applications, as well as help the community come together via various social platforms. We intend to spread the awesomeness of Vue.js, how it empowers developers to build powerful, yet easy to maintain applications and how it inspires the community to come together to share and collaborate.

We're currently a trio of developers who organize and conduct the meetups, joined by dozens of Vue.js devs from India and beyond. Our meetups are totally free and we try to make all of our events as open as possible. The big ones might have a ticket fee but we try to keep that as low as possible to make it more accessible.

Unfortunately, to keep us running and use social media tools to keep our followers up-to-date, to keep our page running, host our website,  occasionally give away free swags etc. requires money.

That's why we're opening this BMAC page, so that you could help us out and buy us these coffees to keep our operations up and running, to help us reach more devs and empower them.