The Two Montains

The Two Montains

Apr 01, 2021

In life, we all have two mountains to climb - one professional, the other spiritual.

Climbing the first mountain is about choosing professional endeavors that are important for sustaining life. Think of pursuits like education, job, marriage, or business. We need these things to live a good life.

The journey towards this first mountain is comparatively easy. There are certain rules that we can follow to easily climb this mountain.

Climbing the second mountain is about getting on a spiritual journey. This involves pursuing things or endeavors that appeal to our purpose or calling. Think of pursuits like charity, art, music, or self-discovery.

The journey towards this second mountain is difficult as many people never even come close to starting it. There are no specific rules, no instructions as to how to climb this mountain.

Often we get so lost in worldly pursuits that we forget that the second mountain exists.

We forget that climbing the first mountain may give us happiness but climbing the second mountain will give us contentment.

One will speak to our body, the other will speak to our soul.

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