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Hey! I am from Ukraine and looking for support for me and my good deeds! My foundation "I'm with Ukraine" helps people affected by the war.

Ukraine is my home!

My name is Pavlo Vyshnevskii and I am from Ukraine! I am looking everywhere for opportunities to get help for my family, my loved ones and people of Ukraine. You probably already know that we are at war. Russia has been destroying my country since 02/24/22.

I used to be in marketing, but now I help those in need. Russia is destroying my home. People close to me have already lost a lot and now they have to not live, but survive!

I create a fund to help and restore Ukraine, in which people will take part, not governments.

Where will the money from the fund go?
War victims:
- people who become disabled
- people who lost their homes
- children left without families
- pets left without owners
- people with no means of survival
- refugees
- hospitals and medical centers