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Nia Alavezos is a storyteller and Production Coordinator based in Cardiff, Wales.

Nia Alavezos recently made the great pilgrimage across the pond from sunny Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of living abroad.

Before packing her bags and deciding to leave America behind, Nia was a Production Coordinator at DreamWorks Animation TV; working on The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants for Netflix. Previously she was at Renegade Animation, where she was a Coordinator on The Tom and Jerry Show.

Nia now spends her days joyfully coordinating various kick-ass super-duper secretive projects across film, television, and advertising for Painting Practice, at Bad Wolf Studios. She's also a researcher and writer for the Who's Flying the Plane? podcast.

When she’s not spending her time worrying about the future or binge-watching Netflix, you can find her desperately trying to finish writing her first children’s book.