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I'm a writer, mother, activist, coach, feminist, and an atheist. I write content that hopes to inspire and invoke thought.

Without a Crystal Ball is about living life without certainty of the future. When we live a life free from God, predictions, and rules, we are forced to be brave. I encourage all my readers to live bravely, to advocate, and to seek justice for the most vulnerable.

I write about content that hits my heart. I'm a feminist, liberal, humanist, disability advocate, mother, wife, and an atheist. All of these traits form my views on how I see the world. I see injustice in all areas of the world. My primary focus is always to bring stories to light that expose perpetrators and give voices to the victims.

Not all my content will be related to injustice. I also write about parenting, political topics, mental health, and trending topics

I make very little blogging. Your contributions help a starving artist continue her craft.


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Thank You For Your Hard Work I Really Appreciate The Story's You Write Keep Up The Great Work Have A Blessed Day And my Heart Goes Out To All The Abused and Children That don't Make it Out Alive God Bless Them

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For your awesome articles

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Thank you for your awesome writing! 

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