I’m an Argentinian ?? dude that recently moved to Copenhagen to continue growing as ?‍? engineer and ? travel as much as possible ?

Hey everyone ?‍♂️!
Recently I decided to join “12 startups in 12 months” to grow as indie maker while having a full time job ?
Below will keep a list with releases (or soon) products/startups:

?#1 Listefy listefy.co (?Jan 2019) (?off at the moment, planning pivot)
?#2 Currency Menu https://currencymenu.com (?Feb 2019)
?#3 Updatefy  https://updatefy.co (?19 Feb 2019)

Thank you ☺️! Any donation will be used to continue releasing products!  
Eugenio Berzal bought 3 coffees.

BBQ Gift Card :P


Eugenio Berzal bought 3 coffees.

Vaaaaamos maker!

Gracias papá!