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I love people. I love story!

Whether its from my days as the headliner in the big to-do, the standard two/2nd grade presentation of “How Much is that Doggie in window?” to working in healthcare and participating in local theater, to my current work as a voiceover actor; I find that regardless of the setting, my passion continues to be to motivate, encourage and inspire others to live with victory in mind.

Being someone who champions the human spirit and living out our created potential, the pain, worry and uncertainty the start of this decade brought left me yearning to help in any way that I could. And so, my podcast, Victory in Mind, was birthed as a continued expression of who I am - someone who loves to see people succeed in living out their life purpose. This makes my heart smile.

It would be a privilege to be counted as a voice celebrating, championing your future and your hope. By buying me a coffee, you continue to support the production of this Motivational Podcast. Thank you.