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Hey there! Thank for checking out my page!

Who am I?

I'm William, a filmmaker/photographer living in Fort Valley, Georgia, which is just south of Macon, GA. I operate my production studio, ShadowCast Studios, and work as a marketing manager for other businesses too throughout the week.

My Work

The creative community needs to be united and help each other grow the skills of our chosen art form. I feel we too often let our egos get in the way of what could be a great collaboration. I share production advice on my website's blog and offer some free downloadable creative assets, such as LUTs, overlays, beats, etc., to help fellow filmmakers, photographers, and other artists.

I also produce short cinematic films as not-for-profit passion projects. I love bringing new content to the web. Whether it's photos or videos, I enjoy making something to share with people across the online world.

Doing all this by myself can get me worn out sometimes, so getting coffee is always helpful for me!