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Waggle Bums Dog Walker, Trainer and Founder. Independent small business owner. One woman, her husband and her dog. Trying to change the world one waggle butt at a time!

I started Waggle Bums when I had less than nothing in my pocket and every day was a fight to keep going.

I'm passionate about helping dogs live their best possible lives and facilitating the strengthening of bonds between dog and owner. The inspiration behind Waggle Bums was our very own Freddie dog. He helped save me from some of my lowest points with his unconditional love and zest for life.

I hope to one day use the Waggle Bums platform to help others struggling with their mental health. In the meantime, being a small business in it's infancy, finances continue to be the most challenging aspect of this journey. That's why I've opened this page.

Everything feels just that little bit more possible when you have a coffee in your hand!

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so you can keep up with my zoomies! 

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You definitely deserve a coffee for all you do 

Thanks so much Kate and Teddi! So lovely of you. Hope you're both well!

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Enjoy a nice coffee to warm you up after the cold walks!

Aww thank you so much guys! I'ts really appreciated :-)

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Thank you so much Debbie!! 😁☕

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Thank you very much! Your gift is very much appreciated ☕😍