So here's my first post. Gosh, I don't even know what to write about. I guess the best way to start off is to introduce myself starting off with my name. I'll make it short because I've got a lot to write down. And I know you've got important things to do.

So let me introduce myself.

It's the least I could do if you're thinking about buying me a coffee. Or a slice of pizza.

My legal name is Warren as it says so on my driver's license.

My nickname is Wally.

Wally was a name that with me as a kid when I was kid in my early teens. My brother's friends bestowed it upon me. At first I didn't like it.

I wanted a cool name. Like Luke as in Luke Skywalker. Or even Flash as in Flash Gordon.

But after being called Wally day in and day out for years and years I'm rather indifferent now.

And, in the end, it worked out and made a better sounding YouTube channel name.

Wally Cooks Everything sounds better than Luke Cooks Everything. And Flash Cooks Everything is admittedly borderline cool. I like Flash but the prospect of getting people to call me Flash at this point in my life is futile.

So Wally it is...