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25 minutes too late.

25 minutes too late.

May 20, 2022

Timing is everything.

Some things don't work out because the time was just not right.

In business time is of the essence. Because of Russian war on Ukraine, there is a window of opportunity for opportunistic capitalists to make money.

Supplies of commodities is tight.

Margins are fat.

Oil companies make fat profits.

Oil rich nations advance their position geopolitically. They have more finances to shore up support for their regimes.

Notice how the government of Malaysia has been dishing out goodies including free toll for Raya recently.

Perhaps the money comes from Petronas, we may never know.

In any case, lives are lost in another corner of the world to the benefit of another part of the world.

What a complex world we live in.

The world is indeed flat.

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