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Of Facebook and Twitter - The Politics of Hate

May 17, 2022

There is so much hate said a politician to me when I mentioned allegations of corruption. It was brilliant. Its called red herring, a tactic to use to change the topic without appearing to change the topic. A diversion. He said the opposition is using hate to make the government fall and succumb to its knees. While he is right, its ignoring the fact that corruption is a serious and real issue in BN's government at the time. Settlements with various parties across the globe proves that.

Public funds have been saved. We have Tun M to thank for that.

As I grew from a fan boy of Tun M to a fan boy of Najib to becoming disillusioned with both, I now look towards a future post Mahathirism and Najibnomics.

Heck, who's to say we can't have Affanomics soon.

If Ahmad Maslan can become Deputy Finance Minister, I can at least make it to Senator.



Sue me for being ambitious.

I already proposed my first public policy which is Work From Home Forever for 30% of workers across all government apparatus including agencies and corporates.

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