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May 16, 2022

I've met the current MINDEF minister when he was also MINDEF minister during Najib's time.

He was on the idealistic spectrum and still is. When I said that he might lose the next election (it turned out to be true later) due to allegations of corruption, he dismissed it by saying that Azmin can become Prime Minister as long as his children and grandchildren are safe. This shows that his idealism to protect Malaysia is strong, despite might even losing his minister position.

In the movie Definitely Maybe, there's a scene where April said that these people do not care anything other than their own ambitions. Well, that's not true. Au contraire, politicians are the most idealistic people. That's why they become politicians. They are separate from businessmen in that they are like social enterprises.

They exist to make money and power yes but also to impact society.

Most businessmen are just out there to make a quick buck for themselves and their families.

Not really to change the world and make a social impact.

Unless they are entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs or Musk or Gates.

Or what's fashionable nowadays: social enterprises.

Here's to stating the truth plainly...


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