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Of Taking Risks & Putting yourself out there.

Jun 12, 2022

Steve Jobs said that in the face of death nothing matters - its you versus you.

In that spirit I've suggested to my former boss Dato' Loga to consider contesting again in GE15.

I'll keep the details on which seat private as that is a strategy decision.

But key point is that I took the initiative to text him to get his views on his next step in his political career.

I just wanted to learn above all.

Secondly, I wanted to contribute what little I can to him. Based on intel that I gathered via talking to people, I can connect ideas to people and capital to make things happen by texting him.

(Comintel a construction related company got a 200 million ringgit contract from Binastra according to a news portal).

So this is what I did. I suggested that he contest and even specified a seat for him to consider.

Although...he might have already been as he says... 'Looking at it'.

Who knows, the spoken word via WhatsApp can enable BN to win one more seat in XYZ state, a parliament seat.

And it all started from a brief conversation on a messaging app.

Let me take a brief reprieve from this topic and go into general themes for awhile.

All throughout my career thus far, I have always played it safe. But then, my colleague from Malaysian Petroleum Resources Corporation, an agency under the Economic Planning Unit, said this ain't college anymore, you have to get your hands dirty.

And this is what I am doing.

From here on end...

I. Am. All. In.

Let the chips fall where it may.

Kepada Allah Berserah.

Signing off,


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