Sep 29, 2022

People & Internet.

I watched a movie recently and it said go to the people. Context here refers to the movie about Winston Churchill. He led the United Kingdom towards victory against the Germans.Secondly, I started a channel on Youtube. To go to the people, go to where their attention is. Its on their mobile phones, on the internet! Please refer here and do like and subscribe.Here.


Sep 17, 2022

An Evening with Tun Musa Hitam.

Sep 15, 2022

The Hangry Generation.

This generation is hungry and angry.Literally, hungry due to inflation.Hungry and physically and mentally tired because cannot afford a car without adding on to already crippling student debt.Hungry and angry because cannot form a family due to inability to afford a house of their own. The most we can afford, for the most of us, is an apartment.Hungry and angry for success, material and otherwise but unable to do so because have to compete with expat bosses at the workplace and political... more

Sep 14, 2022

The Lifestyle Economy - We Are All Screwed

I think that the reason why house prices are beyond the reach of wage earners is because of the practice of borrowing to buy a house.This is because the upward spiral of house prices is spearheaded by the Lifestyle Economy.The Lifestyle Economy is based on the fractional reserve banking system whereby people borrow and are charged interest. The profits or interests (and capital) are deposited into the banking system but not all of them are, a fraction are used to give out more loans. More loans... more

Sep 13, 2022

Strange Times.

We live in the age of materialism. Not that it is anyone's fault. Not that it could be a bad thing. What do I know? Not to mind the fact that Tun Daim and his boys was hailed as the epitome of success for a person, specifically for a Malay, - by none other than Tun M... The number one leader of a country punching above his weight.As a great man once said to me, it's all relative. Now years after he said that to me in the halls of MINDEF in KL, I am confronted with the question that... more

Sep 11, 2022

Moving Forward.

I am waiting for my tom yam as I write this.With technology, I just wait at home as Grab delivers it.Times have moved on.Back in the old days, email was the only way to communicate across borders, besides Facebook.With the invention of WhatsApp, you start to realize who make time for you.Also, business deals and political activities also rely on WhatsApp.Spread of political messaging via WhatsApp and Facebook is arguably more powerful than Twitter.This is because market segmentation is made... more

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