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The Age of Amplification in Business & P ...

The Age of Amplification in Business & Politics.

Jun 16, 2022

With the internet generally and social media specifically, anything we do is amplified. It can go viral anytime. Talents can be discovered easily and these talents can go on to pursue meaningful careers.

As Thomas L. Friedman says, to paraphrase, it is better to be a gifted kid anywhere in the world than an average one in the most advanced country in the world (the USA).

This is because, with the internet, that kid can plug in and take the SAT and get noticed by Harvard and Stanford. His start-up can go public very soon thereafter...

Also, it is so cheap and easy access now for us to lobby for our ideas, our point of view to be heard. For instance, I lobbied for WFH Forever. Believe it or not, coincidence or not, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak is also advocating for it on Facebook.

Thousands of likes and comments later, news portals picked up his suggestion.

It should not take long for PMO to take notice and implement a circular for civil servants to lead the way followed by the private sector.

Here's to a future worth fighting for.


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