The localization of politics comes from the old adage that all politics is local.

In Malaysia, UMNO through the Wanita wing goes house to house to visit and gather political intel that is used to count how many voters vote for BN versus vote for opposition and don't vote at all.

With covid-19 and scammers, no one opens their doors anymore.

Cambridge Analytica's success provides a clue on how we can adapt the new politics through social media.

The answer is via paid and unpaid media promotion of contents that supports our policies, stance and values. The BN values of politics of stability and politics of development and of racial harmony without racial integration must be promoted on Facebook.

Reason is Facebook is where most of our voters are.

The audience on Twitter is more liberal.

Conservatives and older voters love Facebook.

Hence, how do we target our voters - easy. Via micro target strategies, just make sure we have enough columns and columnists that promote our views versus our political competitors.

Signing off,