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The WhatsApp Economy.

The WhatsApp Economy.

Jun 13, 2022

In Malaysia, Facebook is used to sell trips to hike mountains.

On WhatsApp, durians are being sold.

Cakes. Food. Drinks. Et cetera. Riders are being paid to deliver said foodstuff.

Its a thriving micro digital WhatsApp economy.

The digital economy is the WhatsApp economy.

Of course, we can talk about big ticket items such as Carsome. But to the majority of civil servants, and female and male entrepreneurs who are looking for a few extra hundred ringgit a month.

It is the messaging platform that they use to sell their stuff.

Twitter is being used as well. Loads of posts asking for retweets if not direct selling activation.

Its quite cool actually, to see that the rakyat being resourceful and leveraging on what they can to make an honest living.


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